Who Has Canada's Best Killer 'D'-Fense?

WOODSTOCK, Ont., Nov. 16, 2010 /CNW/ - Canada's sun-deprived northerly latitudes mean 90 percent of Canadians will be Vitamin D deficient in the winter, according to 2010 data from Statistics Canada and new recommendations from 41 Vitamin D researchers from GrassrootsHealth. That's why it's not surprising that regular sunbed users have the highest Vitamin D levels of any group in Canada.

 According to research published by Edmonton’s Dr. Gerry Schwalfenberg in the medical journal "Public Health" regular sunbed users and those who take high-dosage vitamin D supplements have the highest Vitamin D levels in Canada. Those who do not take supplements and who report receiving minimal sun exposure had the lowest Vitamin D levels.

 Vitamin D researchers now recommend target Vitamin D levels -- measured by blood concentration in a Vitamin D blood test -- of 100-150 nanomoles-per-liter (nmol/L). Here's how Canadian groups measure up:




Regular tanning bed usage                                              94.74

High-dosage vitamin D supplements                             93.91

Lots of recent sun exposure                                              82.68

Cod liver oil supplement                                                    80.97

Milk per day > 2 glasses                                                    77.16

Fish servings per week > 1                                               72.87

No tanning bed usage                                                       66.01

No milk consumption                                                         65.28

Minimal sun exposure                                                       63.21

No vitamin D supplement                                                 56.54

 Chart Source: Dr. Gerry Schwalfenberg et al. Journal of Public Health (2010)



The Vitamin D Society supports Vitamin D from any source -- food, supplements and sensible sun exposure. A 2010 paper by four of the world's leading Vitamin D researchers reported that low Vitamin D levels may lead to 37,000 premature deaths and more than $14 billion in excess health care costs in Canada.


 November is Vitamin D Awareness Month in Canada. Canadians are encouraged to get their Vitamin D levels tested this winter, when D levels are the lowest.

 The Vitamin D Society is a Canadian non-profit group organized to increase awareness of the many health conditions strongly linked to Vitamin D deficiency.

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