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Susan Rex Ryan
Defend Your Life

Defend Your Life has three main sections. The first addresses the fundamentals of vitamin D3 and its awesome benefits as well as minimal risk. The second highlights select diseases and conditions about which vitamin D3 may offer protection. The third includes the author's personal vitamin D3 story, including her theory about adequate vitamin D3 levels and how you can 'Defend Your Life'.

Reading this book will help you understand how adequate amounts of vitamin D3 are essential to enhancing your quality of life.

Ian Wishart
Vitamin D: Is This the Miracle Vitamin?

In this compelling new book,award-winning investigative journalist and bestselling author Ian Wishart brings together the most up to date science on vitamin D and how it could well save your life. Cancer? Up to a 77% reduction in risk of developing it if you take this vitamin. Heart disease? The same kind of reduction. Did you know that autism, mental illness and multiple sclerosis all appear to be caused by a lack of vitamin D during pregnancy?

The lives of every single person, including you, will be affected by the information in this book. With more than 300 scientific trials and studies cited, this book is a reference guide not just for the general reader but for medical professionals alike.

John J. Cannell, MD
Athlete's Edge - Faster, Quicker, Stronger with vitamin D

John Cannell, founder and executive director of the Vitamin D Council, provides a new perspective on the vitamin D story revealing a long-held secret once known only to Eastern European athletic trainers.

Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, improves muscle tone, muscle strength, balance, reaction time and physical endurance, as well as immunity and general health. In addition, ideal levels of vitamin D help protect you from a staggering array of chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, asthma, autism and even influenza.

Michael F. Holick Ph.D, M.D.
The Vitamin D Solution

The Vitamin D Solution sets a new standard in health and wellness that will change the face of medicine as we know it. This indispensable guide helps you understand why vitamin D is so critical to your overall health, and shows how you can harness its rewards through a three-part prescription that anyone can follow.

The message of The Vitamin D Solution is simple yet profound: just as we require a little fat and salt for survival, we need the sun in moderation, too - for sun exposure is our best source of Vitamin D. There is really no substantiated scientific evidence to suggest that moderate sun exposure significantly increases risks of benign cancers or, and more importantly, the most deadly form of skin cancer, melanoma.

Marc Sorenson, EdD.
Vitamin D3 and Solar Power for Optimal Health

This book fills an important need for a comprehensive source of information on the health benefits of solar UVB and vitamin D, as well as the real risk factors for skin cancer and melanoma, while simultaneously providing references for those who want to read the original papers.

Adequate amounts of vitamin D, and this may mean 5,000 units a day for many people, is the closest thing to a panacea any of us will see in our lifetime.

Do you feel guilty and wonder why the intense touch of your supposed enemy actually makes you feel good? Read it, and you will bask in the light without fear or guilt.

Emily Allison-Francis
Correcting The Vitamin D Deficiency Epidemic

Strategies to Fight Disease and Prolong Life for Black People

Vitamin D deficiency is a global epidemic. More than 50 per cent of the global population is at risk for developing vitamin D deficiency and dark-skinned people are at great risk. A recent US national survey taken over a 10 year period showed that 97 per cent of blacks were deficient in vitamin D. Subgroups within the black population are at even greater risks.

Some of the most common symptoms of vitamin D deficiency are aches and pains all over the body, bone pain and muscle weakness. The pain may be worse when the deficiency is severe. People may not even be aware that they are deficient in vitamin D, but usually find out about the deficiency after experiencing serious health problems.

Zoltan Rona, MD, MSc
Vitamin D - The Sunshine Vitamin

Sun phobia, a condition imposed on the population by sun-paranoid dermatologists, sunscreens, and spending too much time indoors due to the fear of aging from sun damage have all contributed to the problem of vitamin D insufficiency.

Physician Zoltan Rona explains why the sun is still the best source of this vitamin, the role vitamin D plays in disease prevention and the restoration of health and why the recommended doesage of vitamin D is increasing.

Sarfraz Zaidi, MD
Power of Vitamin D

Recent ground breaking research clearly demonstrates a wide range of incredible health benefits Vitamin D may provide, yet most people continue to be low in vitamin D despite the vitamins they take, the foods they eat, the milk they drink or the sun exposure they get.

Here's the plain truth. Most physicians don't have adequate knowledge about vitamin D deficiency and its serious consequences. What little they do know about vitamin D deficiency is based on outdated and inaccurate information.

I was surprised to find that most people required about five to ten times the recommended dose to achieve a good level of vitamin D.

Michael F. Holick Ph.D, M.D.
Vitamin D - Physiology, Molecular Biology, and Clinical Applications (2010 Second Edition)

In Vitamin D: Physiology, Molecular Biology, and Clinical Applications, Second Edition, leading researchers provide a comprehensive, highly readable overview of the biological functions and clinical applications of vitamin D and its metabolites.

This book is designed and organized not only to be an up-to-date review on the subject, but also to provide medical students, graduate students, health care professionals and even the lay public with a reference source for the most up-to-date information about the vitamin D deficiency pandemic and its clinical implications for health and disease.

Soram Khalsa, M.D.
The Vitamin D Revolution

Soram Khalsa M.D., sheds new light on the power of vitamin D. He reveals the consequences of vitamin D deficiency, which has reached epidemic proportions in North America. He also shares insights from his Beverly Hills medical practice, where he normalizes his own patients' vitamin D levels for their optimal health and well-being.

There is a revolution that is about to take place in medicine. "I predict that it will not be long until everyone on earth feels and understands the power of this revolution and how it can change the world"

Laurie Winn Carlson
The Sunlight Solution

"Laurie Winn Carlson shines light on the health benefits of sun exposure and vitamin D . . . She provides anecdotes about some of the nonspecific symptoms associated with vitamin D deficiency and the dramatic improvement that can occur in the symptoms by simply correcting the deficiency. The reader will be enlightened by the historical perspective and how our sunphobe attitudes have resulted in this insidious vitamin D deficiency." Dr. Michael Holick

James E. Dowd, M.D.
The Vitamin D Cure

"For decades nutritional scientists assumed that recommended intakes of vitamin D prevented bone disease but offered few other health benefits. In this skillfully written book, Dr. Dowd expertly explains hoe vitamin D is actually a hormone whose insufficiency represents one of the most widespread health problems in the United States. By following the individualized program of supplementation and sun exposure outlined in this book, the risk for numerous chronic diseases can be reduced." Loren Cordain, PhD

Michael F. Holick Ph.D, M.D.
The UV Advantage

According to Dr Michael Holick of the Boston University School of Medicine and America's leading expert on Vitamin D, the scare tactics of international health leaders about the potential hazards of sun exposure have gone too far. Their exaggerated warnings about the sun's harmful effects have led to public misconceptions that is threatening our overall health. As a result, we in the midst of a 'silent epidemic' of vitamin D deficiency in the West that has widespread repercussions. With the UV Advantage, Dr Holick is the first highly credentialed doctor to author a book that proclaims the clinically demonstrated benefits of sensible sun exposure on bone, cellular, organ, autoimmune and mood-related health.